How do you stay free?
We stay free by advertising, we only make money when you open and view an advert.
I am having trouble viewing this site?
Please try an up to date browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
How do I start private chat with my friends?
Private chat can be started from the Who's Online menu which shows your online friends, it is positioned at the bottom left of some of the main pages. You must have at least one friend for this list to be visible. If you have a friend who is online they will automatically be at the top of the list and highlighted in green. To chat with them click on their name and this chat open and will follow you to all pages no need to stay on one page, you can chat and continue browsing NotAttached at the same time.
My Iphone, Ipad will not let me upload pictures?
Prior to IOS6 Safari does not allow photo uploads try upgrading to IOS6.
I have seen an error on your main site?
We have just redeveloped our main site, we are constantly tracking and fixing any errors. Please contact us and notify us of the problem, telling us what type of computer, operating sytem you were using when you encountered the error.
I have seen an error on your mobile site?
We have just developed our mobile site, however older mobile phones maybe unable to browse our site successfully. Please contact us and notify us of the problem, telling us your device make and model.
I am getting contacted by the wrong sex too often?
We know this can be bothering, try updating your Match Settings in Edit Profile => Edit Match Settings, this helps when people search. Users will only get results for example of Men looking for Women if that is in both your Match Settings and their search settings.
I can see a user but I can not message them?
The user has their Match Settings set and you do not Match their settings, you shall only be able to contact them if you are friends.
Why are there only a few members in my area?
We only started on 7th Sept 2012, we are still growing quickly, we are sure others from your area shall be available soon.
Someone is bothering me?
Simply block them, they will be visible to you but you will be hidden from them.
When we catch a SPAMMER we block their account and block access to their emails until our system can delete them. We do this for your protection.
Someone is asking me for my contact details?
We do not advise giving our contact details, until you have communicated with an individual for sometime.
Someone is asking me to help them financially?
I have received SPAM from a member but you have not blocked them.
Our system can not catch everyone if they have not raised any flags in our system, please open the offending message and select the Report button.
My profile has been rejected?
Usually it is for one of the following reasons your profile:
i) Contains direct contact information.
ii) Contains repetative text.
iii) Contains abusive language.
iv) Contains text that makes no sense.
v) We were unable to translate your text.
My photo has been rejected?
Usually it is for one of the following reasons your photo:
i) Did not upload properly and we can only see a blank image.
ii) Your photo seems to be of copyright material and we do not display copyrighted material.
iii) The description contained direct contact information.
My profile, photo still says pending?
This means administration has not yet had a chance to look at it, please be patient we will get to it shortly.
How can I improve my chances of meeting someone on NotAttached?
Make sure you do the following:
i) Try to have more than one photo of yourself.
ii) Change your main profile picture regularly.
iii) Login as often as possible to stay at the top of the search lists.
Why should I upgrade?
When you upgrade your profile jumps above the last online, giving you an advantage over other standard users.
What's the difference between Gold & Silver upgrades?
A Gold Upgrade will stay above all Silver Upgrades in search results and both stay above all regular members.
How can I make points from referrals?
i) You must be logged in and go to the Invite page on the menu.
ii) Click on Get Started then select your email account type
iii) Login to your email account
iv) Allow our invite application access to your contacts, select all of your contacts and click next.
v) Have a look through the list and uncheck anyone you do not wish to invite.
vi) Click on Send Invites and you should receive a confirmation message.
Our invite application DOES NOT save your email username or password.
Can I invite people from more than one email address?
Yes you can we track invites by your user ID not your email address.
Where can I see the points I have made from referrals?
You can see how many points you have in your Edit Profile page below your Location Details where it says Account Stats.
How do I redeem my points for my free upgrade?
Once you have reached the required amount of points for an upgrade, select the account type if you have enough points it will show a Redeem button if you click this button it will automatically upgrade your account.
You must be logged in to do this and you must have the required amount of points.
I can not find the answer I am looking for?
Please feel free to contact us.
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